Rafter S5 Dispersal

Dawson Creek, BC – November 25, 2017

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  • Art and Judy Seidl of Rafter S5 wish to advise interested cattlemen of their upcoming herd dispersal of approximately 100 bred commercial Simmental cows.
  • The majority of the herd is 6 year old or younger and have been on a consistent herd vaccination program through the Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic (Pyramid 5, Tasvax, Scour Bos, Vitamin A&D and Selenium), with replacement heifers receiving necessary booster vaccinations.
  • Cows are to start calving March 15, 2018 (bred Simmental) with the later calving possibly resulting in Angus X calves (community pasture).
  • Bred heifers were all bred pure Simmental.
  • These cows are good milkers and have a reputation of producing big calves by fall.
  • Their weaning weights have scored high in past years "Show Alley" sales at VJV Dawson Creek.
  • We trus these girls will add positive results to your herd and wish you all the best with them.

Remember that it is now mandatory that all cattle being sold at VJV must be tagged with an approved RFID tag.