Fran & Scott Richardson Cow Dispersal

Rimbey, AB – March 27, 2018

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  • 92 bred cows pregnancy tested March 17th, 2018 by Clearwater Veterinary Services.
  • 23 bred 2nd calf heifers
  • 24 bred 3rd calving cows
  • Calving herd balance mature cows.
  • Red Angus & Red Angus cross a closed commercial herd. No brands, no horns.
  • Presently have been exposed to Red Angus bulls (birth weights 77 & 80 lbs.) provided by Walter Koenning, Walako Red Angus, Innisfail
  • Cherry Red (Shorthorn/Hereford, birth weights 78 & 92 lbs.) bulls provided by Len and Sally Songer, Lucky Spring Farms, Rocky Mountain House.
  • 2017 calving season 79% calved in the first cycle.
  • Bulls In July 20th, Bulls Out Sept 23rd 2017 (65 days)
  • Calving start April 29th End July 1st, 2018
  • Cows herd vaccinated and booster as 1st calf heifers.
  • Annual fall Ivomec application.
  • Free choice 12:12 calving minerals year round.
  • 2017 calf crop weaned February 2nd, 2018

Remember that it is now mandatory that all cattle being sold at VJV must be tagged with an approved RFID tag.